Chris from Blackstar Pastry reinvents the Aussie Classic, the Vanilla Slice! Add some Pandan and a blowtorch, and you're in flavour country!

THIS WAS EPIC! I connected with a pal from SBS Food and we went about creating this amazing piece. Shooting was a blast as I brought on board Jeskimo and arming her with a 200mm Macro to get those sexy close-up shots, whilst I snapped the wides and picked up the rest of the brunt. The end result was this, VANILLA SLICE SLICE BABY! It was shot on a shoe-string, shot in a small window of time and edited super quickly for TX on SBS FOOD for the whole year. I'm on cloud 9, buzzing at our work and proud of what we accomplished! Also, Chris from Blackstar is an absolute gem of a gentleman, and to be within his presence was a real honour.