Capturing bursts of colour on film with ease

The simple fundamentals of SUPER OCHO is the capturing of memories on Film and HD technologies. From promo videos/celebrations to weddings/parties, all lovingly captured onto 8mm film using professional cameras from days long past. 

I also offer standard HD shooting using the robust Canon 5D Mach II/III. Anything is possible really, as I would love to shoot on any format and style to suit your amazing moment!



Seb Alvarez
Film buff / Super 8 addict

It all began one day at a garage sale. 
Hidden among a table full of bargain knick-knacks was a weighty Super 8 camera.

A Mirage Reflex 600M, to be adequately precise.

It was black in colour, with a fixed lens attached to a body that contained dials and buttons that control the ways it captures magic. It shot in various frame rates, and was just an awe-inspiring bit of equipment. I had to have it. 

After the exchange of $8, I was the proud owner of my very first Super 8 camera. It was strange, almost immediately things started to evolve immediately after such a little trivial thing. I acquired film. I gained projectors. I sourced more and more items that appealed to my new found love of film. The bursts onto celluloid at various frame-rates that would then be dancing in front of light, for all of us to see was just magical. It was love. 

Then, one day, I filmed a party for some friends and the woman I love, and it was brilliance personified. The video below placed my passion on the map, it swirled around the internet and was noticed by Time Out Sydney and won a place in a feature film. It was just fate.

Passion. This is the best way to describe my love for film. It is a deep passion within my soul that wants to capture perfect moments on a medium that embodies nostalgia and luminance, to capture the fleeting moments of people, places and experiences to film, forever. 

I still have that camera. It will be with me for good.


It was my first adventure in Super 8 film, and what better way to explore the medium than filming a brilliantly colourful Christmas picnic with a whole swagger of awesome folks. I think it really came out pretty gosh darn good... hope you enjoy it. 

You’re beautful. Yes you are, you’re very very beautiful. Extremely beautiful.
— Orson Wells