Here is a collection of HD & super 8 films that I HAVE created. Peruse them, immerse yourself into the brilliant colour!

This is a small combination of my body of work. It was hard to try and condense all of the jobs/events/parties/live moments & passion projects that I dragged my camera to; but hopefully this will be a great indicator of what I am truly capable of. Music - Flying Lotus (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) - Never Catch Me
Here is kade attacking a wall with his particular style of NYC influenced graf. I plan to push this subject more and see where it leads.
Here is the incredible 3 part wedding that I shot and put together for Adelaide and Scott. It was such a fun and beautiful day, that I was lucky to be a big part of. These two are just amazing, as they are both passionate, funny and know how to make a wedding unique. Hope you enjoy!
Jess and I went on the search for a geocache, and found more than what we bargained for. Music - Oslow Camera - 5D MKII with 50mm Carl Zeiss Lens / Lensbaby Spark
Right in the heart of Sydney is the Sydney Tower Eye (A.K.A Centrepoint [for those who are kickin' it oldschool]), which turned out to be the perfect venue for an insansely fun live show by Thandi Phoenix and co. I was armed with my cameras, as usual, looking to create something unique.

Performed by Thandi Phoenix, Yanya Boston and Dan Rivers.

Filmed by Super Ocho

Camera: Seb Alvarez & Eduardo Garcia Editing: Seb Alvarez

Sound: Rolly Elias

This was the first promo I made for Thandi Phoenix. This was also the very first moment that I fell in love with this group and the music they make. Truly amazing music!

Being part of the Thandi Phoenix team has been brilliant and enjoyable. Their live dynamic truly turns heads, and this was a great example of the fun.

Here is a draft promo for Emily Braidwood. This was just a fun shot that I really loved putting together, as it was meant to capture the fun of a strong independent woman about town. Feel like I captured just that.

In An Instant Photography is a dynamically fun booth that snaps bright and colourful pics on both film and digital, whilst bringing the greatest party vibe to any and every event! Here is their new concept, the HALO. I was lucky to witness it in action at the VIVID CLIPPED Festival and capture it in my own unique style.

Right now we're collecting some sleek pics for our website update, and we take good photos seriously! Here's a little bts video of our HALO photoshoot!
The Sydney Storm came along and reduced the city to an emergency call, felling trees, flooding roadways and destroying houses. Eventually, the weather cleared up and we surveyed the damage in one of the most beautifully neglected parts of our town, Callan Park, a facility purposely built for the mentally devoid. This is a bit from that adventure. Music by La Dispute - Objects in Space Photographer Jess Pace Shot on a Canon 5D MKII 50mm equipment. #sydneystorm #callanpark #rozelle #leichhardt #sydney #polaroid #polaroid195
There is nothing like getting among sweaty gym folk and snapping brilliant images of them kicking major ass! That was my job, to kick butt and to capture the fun of the JETTS KOGARAH GYM RELAUNCH!
Odessa and her amazing pals set on a course to hunt for some treasure, they met with danger in the forms of scary monsters and lost astronauts; but in the end, they found what they were looking for!
Today was the last day open for Two Birds Lilyfield, one of my favourite spots for hyper-delicious coffee. I brought my camera along to snap up some footage of such an incredible place. Best of luck to my pals and their future endeavours, you all are amazing people with great heads on your shoulders. Love, Seb.
A Home Song by Henry Van Dyke I read within a poet's book A word that starred the page: "Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage!" Yes, that is true; and something more You'll find, where'er you roam, That marble floors and gilded walls Can never make a home. But every house where Love abides, And Friendship is a guest, Is surely home, and home-sweet-home: For there the heart can rest.
Our friends Martina and Dan have given birth to their second daughter, a lovely little pixie by the name of Mariana. Jess and I were invited over to take some snaps of the beautiful bub and I shot some footage; this is that lil' video. E N J O Y !
2012 was a brilliant year for exploration, many places were discovered and great memories were made. Many of them were seen through the lenses and captured onto film. This is a snippet of some of the fun! This was all shot on a SUPER 8 film camera, and telecined by yours truly.
It was a picturesque day, and Jeskimo and myself were asked to meet up with Flick to snap some photos for her book. I naturally warmed up to the idea, as hanging out with my girl and some friends always sounds like a blast!
This is a collection of B-Roll material, stuff that I shot in order to get to the end of a reel. What started out as something trivial and not special slowly evolved into something tranquil and peaceful. I did not expect the process of filming water and boats drifting along to be truly mesmerising, so what came about during this was a moment of complete peace. All shot on a Canon 512 Super 8mm at 18fps, using Kodak Tri-X Black and White Stock. Telecined at home lovingly. Music used: Thursday - Arc - Lamps, Signal Flares, a Shower of White (The Light)
'We All Started Something' was taken from Eli Wolfe's EP "Perfect Moment". All footage was shot on several Super 8's over a great period of time, and all lovingly telecined by Sebastian Alvarez.
I was lucky to have been invited to the wonderful wedding of Flick and Dave. It was an incredible day, everyone was in their Sunday best and looking forward to the ceremony that would bond these two incredible individuals together in matrimony. It was an amazing day indeed.
Nothing like hanging out with friends at the beach, especially on one of the hottest summer days on record of 2013. That didn't stop the team of cool kids from setting up a marquee, packing snacks, throwing a frisbee and catching some killer waves.
You thought you could skate, right? Funny about that. You have got nothing against these downhill pocket rockets, they bomb the shit out of hills, slide with a fierce tenacity and make it look so freaking easy. Yeah, you thought wrong. Now shut-up and watch the MAIDENS OF STEEZE kick some ass!

Here is a lovely promo I have made for Milestone & Co, a new take on wedding celebrants, Jessykah Miles is a young, fresh and modern wedding celebrant that can bring brilliance to your perfect day.

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet
— Orson Wells